Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Reset Printer Canon iP1980 In Total

For those of you who have a Canon IP 1980 printer, may one day be experiencing clever you are wearing can not directly print the document, the indicator light blinking and the message "The ink absorber is almost full".

How to Reset Printer Canon iP1980 The Total Image

Temporary solution that you might do is press the Resume button as instructed in the message. For a while you can print the document, but it kept recurring events and maybe even until the printer is only displaying a jamming indicator lights blink course, can not printing at all.

The actual condition is common in inkjet printers. In these printers the ink contained landfills or so-called waste ink tank, dump it in there kind of foam material (ink absorber) to absorb the waste ink from Cartridge, for example when the printer performs head cleaning process.

To prevent the waste ink melubernya, then the manufacturer makes a kind of counter that will count the number of print outs from the printer, when it has reached a certain boundary condition that "waste ink tank full" or "ink absorber is full" occurs and usually marked with an LED indicator flickering.

To overcome this you can do with a way to manually reset the printer or by using the printer resetter tool. Lack of manually reset the printer when the power failure will occur again the condition of "ink absorber full" or something and the printer must be reset again.

In this article I will try to share experiences on how to reset Canon iP1980 totally by hand and continued using resetter tool so the printer can be normal again.

How to Reset Canon iP1980 In Total

  1. Download General Tool first Canon IP1900 series, you can download it here
  2. Turn off the printer, then unplug the power cable
  3. While pressing the ON button plug the power cord back
  4. Still pressing the ON button, press the Resume button 2x
  5. Release both buttons.
  6. In this stage reset the printer in a temporary condition and to reset it completely, run the application General Tool Canon IP1900 that you have downloaded.
  7. Wait a moment until the program detects the printer as shown in the figure below.

Once the printer is detected, check the option EEPROM Clear and click the Test Pattern 1
Put a blank paper because the printer will immediately print the test.
Once the printer has finished ngeprint, click the Main and Platen then click Quit to exit.

Now you have to reset the Canon iP1980 in total. To try it out please turn the printer off then on again, klo you succeed then the printer will return to normal and could be using that to go back without being distracted ngeprint error message as above.
source : http://weswey.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-to-reset-printer-canon-ip1980-in.html


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